Aldrich Chiropractic Center offers Foot Levelers and Superfeet custom made orthotics for your feet.  These are a high-end custom orthotic shoe insert that supports all three arches of your foot.  This creates a solid foundation upon which proper posture can be achieved.   The weight bearing joints in the body (ankles/knee/hips/spine) are all connected like a chain starting in your feet.  If the feet are out of balance then every joint, muscle, and tendons above will also be out of alignment.

Each orthotic is custom made from a 3-D digital scan of your feet and is created to stabilize your spine and pelvis by correcting specific imbalances of your feet.  These can help a variety of conditions such as foot, ankle, knee and hip pain as well as spinal and pelvic pain.   For this reason, you do not need to be experiencing any foot pain to benefit from the use of orthotics.

We offer complimentary 3-D Foot Scans to help determine if orthotics are right for you.  We have many varieties of orthotics to choose from… children, sports, dress, work boots, and casual use.

custom foot orthotics