chiropracticChiropractic Wellness care is much more than simply relieving back and neck pain and treating headaches.  Insuring that your spine and nervous system operates properly are the primary functions and desires of a Chiropractic Physician.  Your spine consists of 24 highly moveable vertebra that are influenced by many nerves, muscle, and ligaments.  Our specialty is designed to keep these structures functioning at their optimum level.  We incorporated this approach with the other nerves, joints, and muscles of your body.

Joint Dysfuction/ Subluxation and Manipulation:

This occurs whenever there is a joint restriction or alignment problems in your spine or extremities.  This creates pressure on your nerves, which in turn causes pain, swelling and irritation.  Instead of treating these common conditions with medication or surgery, your Chiropractor will treat you with conservative therapies of Joint Manipulation or mobilization, Active Release Technique, or physiotherapy and exercises.   The success rate with this type of care has been shown in research to be superior to all other treatments.

Becoming a Chiropractor involves years of pre med undergraduate requirements plus another 5 years of specialized Chiropractic education from highly accredited Universities.