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    How often will I need to be treated with Chiropractic Care?

    The answer is dependant on several key factors including but not limited to — the severity of your condition, duration of your problem, your age (degree of arthritis), type of job you have, and your general state of wellness and overall health. We are well known to be experts in treating many types of problems listed in this website and desire to provide you with quick yet long lasting results. Many conditions will be resolved within 2-4 weeks with 10 visits or less.

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    What is the “popping” sound heard or felt during an adjustment?

    The “cracking” or “popping” sound is simply gas being released during the stretching of your joints. This is a normal side effect of deep pressure applied to any joint. It is actually Therapeutic when done by a professionally trained practitioner.

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    Once I start Chiropractic care do I need to continue going for the rest of my life?

    No you do not need to get ongoing treatment once your condition is resolved. We focus on short term care with long term results. It will always be your choice to continue on a wellness program once your condition has been corrected just as you would do with periodic Dental or Vision care. Many people choose wellness programs due to the fact that they continue to perform activities in their daily lives which led to the condition they were originally treated for. Wellness is important, but it is not a requirement.

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    Does an adjustment to my back, neck or other joints cause pain?

    Treatment is designed to relieve pain and to correct your injury. Sometimes patients can experience tenderness following and adjustment similar to soreness following a hard workout. This feeling comes from improved joint motion and increased muscle flexibility and is a healthy change.

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    What is the cost of Treatment?

    Time of Service Discounts when Not Billed to Insurance

    1st visit: $90-$120 includes Consultation/Exam and treatment

    General Treatment Visits: $50-$76 (adjustments, flexion/distraction, ART)

    Foot Orthotics: $150- $350 (depending on which manufacturing style)

    Therapeutic Massage:
    30 minute deep tissue massage- $40
    60 minute deep tissue massage- $70
    (this is a full 30-60 minute massage and there is no tax charged on this service)

    Massage Packages Available at Further Discounts

    Gift Certificates for Massage Available